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The blogger is back with her summerish mood on!
How have you been my dear readers? Almost three weeks since my last post and I am missing you all like crazy! I am back from camp, super excited with all the new experiences. It was a tough time but I am pretty sure I did well! Now, I am getting ready for my next adventure with my bf in a tent!

Today was the first day I went to the city centre after such a long time! I miss holding shopping bags, Starbucks coffee cups and walking on pavements(its weird I know).
Now that camp is over is time to forget about kids' voices, torn jeans and white tops full of tomato sauce stamps! It is now my turn, to step into my chic sandals and floral dresses, wear perfume instead of body splash and enjoy putting on my sun cream instead of yelling to 11 year olds while they are getting ready for the seaside! It was about time for normal vacation consisted of: strawberry sun cream, beers, sandals, skirts and dresses, ice cream, boyfriend, iPod, fashion magazines, lots of iced homemade lemonade, talking on the phone and seaside walks! It sounds idyllic and I am proud that I will get to do it!

After such a long time at camp all of my clothes went directly in the washing machine-and I enjoy doing my laundry!
So, as I told you before...I went to the stores today and a few dresses caught my eye!
I hope I'll get some money and buy one of them! Because I fell in love...!
You know something, I believe that facebook ruins everything. The minute you think your guy and you are the perfect thing on earth, you bump into an album where he's spending time with a beautiful girl, playing and lying on the grass. No, no, no! I have nothing specific on my mind-Just talking generally! ARGH!I spent the whole day today, with my iPod, diary and scrapbook...thought of ending the post with the picture!
xoxo my darling girls! see you soon


  1. welcome back! nice pics! love the first dress!

  2. Missed your posts!
    Yeah that was a great one
    idyllic summer!

    I also have facebook but hate it-.-
    aand can't deleted 'cause, it's a way to spend your time..

  3. the first dress is soooo pretty

  4. stile m tn kwdiko s st facebook gia n mpw n dw ts photos!!!!!!

  5. stile m tn kwdiko s st facebook gia n mpw n dw ts photos!!!!!!

  6. well come back kukla!!
    pote gurises den se prolavame!
    simera kaname bloggosunadisi oi bloggers tis polis sto Habanera!!!

  7. welcome back doll:)

    fantastika forematakia eidika to prwto <3

  8. ah thank you so much!
    and I'd be moreeee than happy to help you out with it :D
    feel free to email me if you want,
    because there are complications, you have to edit your layout and stuff too!
    much love

  9. everything you own is so beautiful :)

  10. strawberry sun cream???how cool!!!i am soooo jealous!!i want one two!!

  11. Lovin that first dress!

    <3 Ladies of EternallyFixated: Everything Celebs/Fashion

  12. i love annas blog! or is it supposed to be "annie?" haha followed youuu =]

  13. wraia ta foramatakia! To prwto to eixa dokimasei se mauro kai htan polu wraio! ;)

  14. i like the first white one ( LACE ♥)


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