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Good evening my darling girls,
How are things everyone? Back-again- feeling a bit confused, but totally in love!
I just returned from the trip with my best friend. We went to a camping and had so much fun! We even named our pretty little tent, donut! (phtos on that later!)
So, this was my first day in the city after a long time so we went out with Daphne. Usual stuff that you can never get bored of! Shopping, coffee at Starbucks while chit chatting and gossiping, macarons, quick lunch and lots of iced lemonade. We had a 5 hour outing and let me tell you, it was such an amazing one! I had so much fun!
We went to the stores that had sales too (so convenient!) and tried a few dresses on!
Have a look
this was my own dress! i'm in love with it
I ended up buying this one; the cutest in my opinion!
I also got a pair of navy blue ballerinas (super cuute!). Sometimes it takes only 2 hours to spend all of your pocket money! Let's see if we will make it until the end of this month!
this dress is so Blair Waldorf!
me and Daphne while discussing where we will be having lunch!

the cutest butterfly hair clips Daphne bought
kish lauren with tomato, cheese and basil (yum)
I am ending this post here, cause its time for a relaxing bubble bath and then movie... Its been such a great day, but as it seems, tomorrow I should be studying all day long. Wish me luck-and I wish you all an amazing week!!!

and that's a rather old photo (from the SATC2 premiere) but I wanted to share it with you. (I am the third one, starting from left and these are my darling girls!)


  1. zileya tin mera su, ilikrina!!
    : )

  2. πολυ ωραια ολα οσα δοκιμασες!! ;)

  3. Super i foustitsa me ta xrusa koumpia!

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  5. einai teleies oi fotografies!!!!!
    smr t vradu 8 pame ekklisaki-8 er8eis??????:)

  6. hey kukla mu... me xara na se voithisw opws mporw... apla plzzz kane me add sto msn gia na milisume san mail einai auto pou exw sto blog mu..ok?

  7. Teleio post! Den tha mporouse na einai pio koritsistiko! <3 Tha simfwnisw oti to forema pou agorases telika itan to pio omorfo! Perimenw me anipomonisia kai alles photos! :)

  8. your blog's just lovely, dear... coffee and shopping, two of my favorite pasttimes :)


  9. i like the polka dot one with high waist black skirt


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