hurray for friday


good morning favorite readers! Thank God its Friday today, even though on Monday i am starting school- but thats OK i guess, we'll get through this year as well! So, i've been tagged from two fellow bloggers to answer 8Qs. Since i loove playing that kind of games i'm replying to both!
say good morning with a pile of pancakes!
first goes sweet Alessia
1.What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time? puzzling with my wardrobe, daydreaming, baking cupcakes, blogging, reading, TV series, and going out for coffee wth my girls. (oh, and do i really need to mention shopping?)
2.Who is your celebrity crush? it would be Joseph Gordon Levitt (500 days of summer, inception)
3.If you could change just one thing on you,what would it be? the fact that i'm getting too stressed when i meet new people
4.Which is your dream job? i really want to study to be a kindergarten teacher but my dream job would be, owner of a-so-sweet patisserie/cafe with specialty on cupcakes!
5.Do you believe in happy endings? of course i do. our life is in our hands!
6.What is your style? i would have to go with two words: sophisticated and sweet
7.What do you like most about blogging? that i can create my own world full of my thoughts, pictures and inspirations. I also love getting inspired by other peoples' blogs
8.Which is your favourite blog?thats a tough one! I really like Camilla from "Into the fold fashion", just because she's only 14 and i'm jealous of her (plus, she lives in England, duh)!
And now moving on with Sofi 

1. What is your favorite color for that season? creamy white, black and very light pink
2. What is at the top of your wishlist? this question is always soo difficult: a Topshop dress i'm planning to get for my b-day and a black skirt with a bow.
3.How did you started blogging? i was reading other blogs and got jealous!
4. What's your inspiration? right now, a waitress from my fav cafe.
5. What do you study? actually i'm still in high school but this is my senior year.
6.Which is your favorite movie? the Holiday
7.How many languages do you speak? three. english, french and spanish
8.Where would you like to live? in London, in a picturesque neighborhood.

Now its my turn to continue this game by tagging some new people! So this is it:
Elviella - Nieve y Lluvia 
Painted - Painted  
Denise - Abracadabra  
Panda -Studmuffin 
Daphne - Daphne On a Rocketship
Magda-Never stop creating
and here are the 8 lovely questions:
1. If you were a cupcake, what would you be?
2. Which is your quotation?
3. Which is your favorite item of clothing?
4. Your favorite word?
5. Which is your favorite song right now?
6. If you could slap one celebrity on the face, who would you choose?
7. Describe an amazing evening for you.
8. What would your fav. breakfast include?
these are my questions! i KNOW you must think they are silly, but i'll get to know you better!
p.s: here are some picture from Daphne's b-day

i baked these b-day cupcakes and i surprised her at the door!!! it was so cool and i really enjoyed making the whole thing!


  1. a pile of pancakes please!yiammy!!
    καλη αρχη!:)

  2. Love these games too!!:))
    And the birthday cupcakes are soooo yummmy and cute:D
    Do you look forward to going to school next Monday?

  3. Thanks so much for the tag!
    And omg, you made me wanna eat the screen with all those lovely pictures!

  4. theleis na gineis nhpiagwgos e ?
    sto euxomai olopsuxa !
    egw 4 mhnes exw na brethw se taksh kai mou leipun apisteuta ta mikroulia mou !
    filia polla !!!!!!!!kalh arxh me to sxoleio kathe sou oneiro euxomai na pragmatopoihthei !!!

  5. hi annie!!!
    i realy like your blog!!
    i'm zizi bloom i'm a new kid on the blog!!
    check out my blog if you want!
    zizi bloom

  6. Joseph Gordon Levitt! <3 ωωωω ναι. definitely my celebrity crush too.


    Για νηπειαγωγος πας? Τι καλο! :3 Καλη επιτυχια με ολα τα φετινα...και καλη αρχη και στο σχολειο!

    Answered the questions, yay! :D

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  10. heeey sweety :D thanks a bunch for tagging, i'm going to answer your questions on my blog ^___^
    yummm those cupcakes look so goood

  11. ahh... sooorry :( i accidently posted the same thing 4times!! D:

  12. GOSH!Did you really baked them on your own?They look so professional!(AND DELICIOUS!)

    good luck with the school stuff!

  13. Thaaaanks for the tag! I taged you back to answer my Qs! Is that Ok?

  14. Thaaaanks for the tag! I taged you back to answer my Qs! Is that Ok?

  15. Love baking cupcakes too! we should share recipes and decoration ideas!:D


  16. This is such an adorable post! I love the pictures, and your write so beautifuly. Those pancakes are making me so goddamn hungry! Sorry for the very long delay - I've been so busy, but thanks for your sweet comment, and i've just done a new post! Phew! Panda xo

  17. the pancakes look so delicious! i'm getting pretty hungry of it ... hihi :)

    anyways, i like your blog, so i'm going to follow you!


  18. oh my god those pancakes and cupcakes are UNREAL.xx

  19. lovely photos...

    can you help me filling up my survey about fashion blog and teenager here

    and participate for the giveaway in my blog thank you

  20. i wish it was morning coz i want some delicious panecakes right now!!!


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