our strawberry swing


good evening my dearest people! missed you all so much but it's been a tough week (first week in school), with huge piles of homework and assignments! But here i am, to blog about the fun parts of the week!

as i mentioned on my last post, i'm a senior this year-and that means i gotta do a lot of studying...! (haha)
This week was so FULL! First of all my b.f moved out of her place and went to another apartment, the NY apartment as i like to call it! (its so vintage plus, it has a view to the sea!). Secondly little R. had her 17th b-day-so we threw a little party for that! (ate some chineese and had strawberry cake)
TODAY: is sunday, right? Students are supposed to be studying on Sundays, but i simply COULD NOT! So, daphne came over and we watched a terrible thriller (case 39) and baked a strawberry pastaflora!

this Sunday was so much fun but now that i remembered , i am supposed to be studying latin  instead of typing on my keyboard. aaaaargh this sucks! But i like it- i like my routine and long studying. i like school and how my mother wakes me up every morning and hands me the cup with my take-out tea. i like it when i close the books and head to bed in my pj's whining cause it's late. i like how i prepare my outfit before going to sleep. i like blogging secretly under my desk!

i am really happy right now with everything in my life. i'm not scared with this year (although i will be in a while!). i only wish, some things would have turned out differently with someone who i really miss now and has been really important to me. But i do believe (always) that changes happen for good. in every little thing. And it's up to us to see that and move on with our lives...

kisses, lovies and have a great week xxx


  1. pwpwww fenete toso teleio! yummi!
    bravo!mas anoixes tin orexi pali!

  2. MA PWS MPOREIS NA EISAI TOSO POLU MESA STO MUALO MOU?! Akrivws ta idia sunaisthimata exw meta apo tin prwti evdomada sto sxoleio! M'aresei na diavazw pinontas kafe filtrou (kserw, einai ligo nwris gia zesto kafe alla dn mporw na perimenw!), na sunduazw apo to vradu ta rouxa mou me tin tsanta pou tha parw ktl! Genika polu eftuxia vre paidi mou kai otan to lew stis files mou me lene xazoxaroumeni gt upotithetai oti pername tin pio duskoli periodo tis sxolikis mas zwhs! Ftou mas, min mas matiasw! :D

    P.S. Mou anoiksate tin oreksi me tin strawberry pastaflora sas!

  3. nice post!
    h pasta flora fenetai teleia! etsi dn to lene?

  4. Θα συμφωνήσω με σένα και τη Μαρία!
    Αυτά τα χρόνια είναι τα καλύτερα μας,γιατί να τα χαλάμε έχοντας άγχος και μετρώντας μέρες για το καλοκαίρι? Sit back and enjoy them instead:DΤι πιο όμορφο από την αίσθηση της πληρότητας,όταν έχεις διαβάσει και είσαι σίγουρη για τον εαυτό σου?
    Σας εύχομαι κορίτσια αυτή η χρονιά να είναι πιο γλυκιά και από την παστα φλόρα που φτιάξατε!(που είναι τόσο γιάμι by the way!)
    Kisses and love<3

  5. Oh that looks so good!
    I really like your blog, there is one downside to it though...it makes me hungry :)
    I want a cupcake

  6. oooh! poso latrevo tis tartes???!!!

  7. sundays are soo lazy!who can study on a sunday?I certainly can;t :)

    pasta flora and a terrible movie sound great for a sunday afternoon!!!


  8. that pasta flora looks delicious!
    Try making some cheesecake, its my favourite:)

    i really like all your posts, they bring pictures in my mind..


  9. bravo re Anna,mas ekanes na peinasoume pali!
    fainetai pws perasate uperoxa!
    k mn mou agxwnesai gia to sxoleio,na tireis to programma sou oson afora to diavasma,kai ola 8a pane kala:)


  10. Με το να αγχώνεσε για τα μαθήματα δε θα καταφέρεις τίποτα.Διάβασε και οι κόποι σου θα ανταμειφθούν σίγουρα. Απόλαυσε τη ζωή σου και την πεντανόστιμη πάστα φλόρα.
    Ζηλεύω τη φίλη σου που βρήκε ένα NY type apartment!Θέλω κι εγώ ένα...κατα προτίμηση θα ήθελα το διαμέρισμα που βρίσκεται κοντά στη στάση "λευκός πύργος"...

  11. Την επόμενη φορά που θα φτιάξεις κάτι γλυκό, να μας το κάνεις giveaway!!lol

    Καλή αρχή στο σχολείο!!:)

  12. I tagged you again to a new game! I want to join,come to my new blog:))

  13. of course sundays arent for studying! theyre for doing lovely things like this :)
    the pastaflora looks great, ive never heard of it before! looks delicious though x

  14. hey sweetie pie....these photos are yummy yummy!! i love tarts so badly...!

    perna mia voltitsa apo to blog m, exw kati gia sena!!

    kiss kiss*

  15. hello sweetie :) how r u??hey check my new post about the sweetest jewllery EVER!!!!!you're gonna love them!!


  16. I hope you do well with your assignements! All those things seem so yummy! Filakia!

  17. Xaxa ontws kalopername!Alla k esu na deis pou 8a kaloperaseis tou xronou!Oxi,eimai sto allo to diermineias,me agglika k germanika:)


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