Living in Belgium


As some of you may already know, almost two months ago, I left the warmth of my fluffy duvet and my double bed, gave up all my kitchen tools and baking tins, had to pick only a few of my clothes and leave other, favorite ones behind, said goodbye to friends, family and my loving boyfriend and got on the plane for Belgium. I am studying in the Erasmus Program, in a little city called Hasselt, in Belgium, not far from The Netherlands.

I am not gonna lie and say that everything has been butter on toast since I've been here. Living in a small dorm room, having to share everything while building up a whole new life from scratch has been a real challenge for me. Although feeling like a fish out of the water, I got myself together and created a new reality, with new people and new places. This experience is like a relationship; you have good times and bad times. The thing is that you always have to find a little way to pull yourself together and wipe those tears away from your face, because tomorrow is always a new day.

During my stay in Belgium, I had the opportunity to visit some wonderful places like Maastricht, Liege, Brussels, Antwerp and Utrecht. I really love the fact that I'm so close to so many beautiful cities and I can hop on the train whenever I feel like it and go somewhere new, in less than two hours!

I am planing to visit so many more places until I return home... If only I had the free time to travel on weekdays as well. School is really stressful and requires everyday attendance and work, so travelling is not so much on the program and that is a real pity.

Here is a little taste of the things I have seen so far...
vinyl shop-Brussels
So cold weather in Hasselt
Taart in Maastricht
Shanti Beans in Hasselt
Taart cafe in Maastricht 
Grand Place in Brussels

                                                                                                                         All photos taken by me

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  1. Πολύ γλυκό κείμενο! Όμορφες φωτογραφίες! <3


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