Spring in Atwerpen, Belgium


Visiting Antwerp last week was one of the most rejuvenating trips I have ever done since I came here... Spring came early in the North of Europe and I am really enjoying it, already.
We had to visit a school and then we had the rest of the day off, wandering around the city in spring dresses and floral perfumes...
Dageraad Plats
Antwerp Central Train Station
Antwerp is a beautiful city located in the North of Belgium. It is a city that can easily be discovered on foot, or by using  the public transportation. With one of the most beautiful train stations I have ever seen, Antwerp can easily become one of the coolest places you can visit. There are several beautiful and exciting neighborhoods you can discover while enjoying the spring sun....

Right about when you start feeling a bit hungry (mmm..like always) you can have a walk around the Dagerdaad Plats and have a bowl of warm mustard soup with sausage and bacon (served with fresh whole wheat bread and some butter, yum!) @Zeezicht for only 3,50 euros (wow!) Soak up all the sun you can get with the locals, especially if you are there during a Wednesday aftrenoon. Schools end at 12.00 and everyone is having picnics and fun at the square!
Dageraad Plats

How could anyone forget about Forever 21?
Have a look around at the city centre...Walk around Meir Str. and discover the little treasures Antwerp has to offer... Urban Outfiters, Sissy Boy, Forever 21, Dille & Kamille, LUSH and so many more...

Been there done that: Having done my little research I recommend some places you can visit for some sweets and coffee, essentials for any successful trip:

#1 "Normo" : Located in the heart of the city, is one of the favorite spots for Art students, one street away from the Academy of Fine Arts. Here you can relax and have a cup of the best coffee in town.. "focus on burning their own coffee beans (the machines for doing that are in the bar and look great) and the genuine coffee experience… Talk to the owner, he will explain his plans to you, and feel his passion and joy for making great coffee." 

#2 "Starfish and Coffee" You should definitely try the creamy ginger tea along with some of the freshly baked goods this coffee place offers... Snuggle up in the cosy sofas while enjoying your tea and treats...Book friendly environment!

#3 "Vinyl & Coffee" For the devoted fans of vinyls and good coffee, this is the place you should visit when in  Antwerp. They offer a wide selection of LP’s and singles, old and new. The drinks have funny and musical names like Flat Barry White, Sun Ra, Creamy Jay Hawkins… have a cup of hot chocolate in a little corner, after you browsed for some great vinyls.

If on the other hand you fancy libraries, this one, is right for you! Nottebohm Library- The Hidden Library. The best spot to be in a rainy afternoon...Check out the website for more info about opening hours.
You can also check out this page for more information and travel tips about Antwerp.

                                                                                                                                                                      -all pictures taken by me-


  1. Yπέροχα μέρη και φωτογραφίες <3

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    Love your blog, will definitely check out the rest of Antwerp spots you suggest!
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